That’s it.
The day when you finally realise that you’re going to leave.

It’s incredible how days go faster and faster and suddenly, the last day with your best friends arrives. You didn’t thought so much about it, you just chat with them.
The trip is so far away for you, but not for them.

That’s what happened to me, at least.
Some days ago I was invited to a sleepover with my best friends and I was so happy to meet ’em!
This year’s summer vacations were very unlucky for us because we all went away in different weeks and as a result there wasn’t a lot of time to spend together, so I was more than happy to spend some quality time with them.

They seemed so happy as well, so I enthusiastically began to tell them about my host family, my future sister and so on. I answered to every single question they asked me but then, just after the midnight swim, in my friend’s bedroom they gave me a little bag with letters envelopes that I could see even before opening it.
I asked them what was it, if it was a gift, and they just told me to see it by myself. I was shaking, literally, I didn’t saw it coming at all!

I read the letters in silence, and, after a few minutes one of my friends started sobbing, I was heartbroken. I was going to live a beautiful adventure, but I suddenly realised what I was leaving behind, friend, family, the safety of being at home…
And before I could even reassure her, I started crying with her.

Now, I’m a crybaby, but I prefer not to cry in front of people, but that, it was really touching moment, and I couldn’t help myself. They were sad about leaving me for a whole year and it was nice to have a confirmation of that. Just when I thought that it was finished, that I received the most beautiful gift that they could give to me, their letters, I saw something, a little white box, and when I opened it I saw a beautiful bracelet. On the bead it’s written “all around the world” and there are four encrusted hearts like the four of us. That was very meaningful for me.

Then, the day after, we had to separate and that was the most difficult moment. We hugged each other like we won’t see each other ever again and we cried, again.
When I finally returned home I fell into my mother’s arms and started crying again. I’m not a person for goodbyes or the kind of person that express her feelings easily, but I really love them and I will miss them.

I think that those goodbyes are the ones that makes you grow.


“Buon viaggio, che sia un’andata o un ritorno, che sia una vita o solo un giorno, che sia per sempre o un secondo.”


“Ci vuole più sforzo per conquistare anche solo una piuma delle ali dell’uccello della gioia, che per lasciarsi trasformare dalla corrente del dolore.”


“Non rattristarti di fronte ad un addio. Un saluto è necessario per incontrarsi di nuovo.  E un rincontro, dopo un momento o dopo una vita intera, è inevitabile se siamo davvero amiche.”



An ordinary girl who's living an extraordinary adventure. When she's in Italy she lives with Netflix, books and a blanket if it's too cold. Animal lover.

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