Hey there!

I don’t know why you are reading this article in my blog: maybe you’re a future AFS student that will go to China and you want to know something more about it, or maybe you’re thinking about going there in a way or another, or you’re just bored.

Anyway it seems legit to me that I, at least, introduce myself. My name is Giorgia and I’m Italian, I always developed a passion for asian cultures and travelling. Since I was a child my mum encouraged this dream and now here I am. In 30 days I will be in Tongling, Anhui for living a whole new year in a place that I don’t know and where I don’t even understand the language. This is happening thanks to Intercultura-AFS an association that believes in youth and the power of connections between all the countries in the world.

I always liked adventures but this is so unimaginable that is feels fake. It seems that it was just yesterday the day of the selections which were hold in the university of my little town; that day I was so scared, I wanted to participate so bad and during the interview I was really shy, scared to give a wrong impression, but after all, here I am. I don’t have really realised that I will soon have to say goodbye to everyone in my little city and fly to my new family that lives in a bigger one on the other side of the world where I’ll have a little sister and I’ll go to a school where they talk a language that I have never studied (if we don’t take in consideration an online class).

And even if it’s all so blurred and unknown I can’t wait to start this fantastic experience and just thinking about it makes me shiver from joy.
Anyway it’s time to go!








An ordinary girl who's living an extraordinary adventure. When she's in Italy she lives with Netflix, books and a blanket if it's too cold. Animal lover.

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